PVC Coated Fabric Ducting
PVC Coated Fabric Ducting
June 15, 2015
Ventilation Duct Installation
Eight Attentions about PVC Ventilation Duct Installation
June 17, 2015

Some maintain methods for Ventilation Duct

ventilation duct

ventilation duct

Ventilation duct is a common industrial equipment people used in coal mines or tunnels. It can make sure workers breathing freely at the most extent in underground because of excellent ventilation effect. Moreover, it also can prevent some toxic gas to harming our health. Ventilation duct is becoming the most common ventilation equipment in our daily life. But we must maintain and repair it regularly during long-term service.


No matter what kind of product, there must be some wear after long time using. We must protect and maintain it correctly. Now, SL|Tech.TM ventilation duct will give you some useful maintain methods.


  • They must be washed and drying in the air after being used. Checking the damage and durability and then dealing with them.
  • The adhesive cement of ventilation duct must be compounded by proportion. And round patches is better for repairing depending on the size of tears. Patches and tears should be paint same color according to ventilation duct and bond each other after drying. Then making them bonding tightly and having no air leakage through pounding by hammer and coating with talcum powder. Moreover, there should be stitched by thread and bonded for over 100mm tear.
  • The rings of ventilation duct should be completed and the distance of each rings is same in order to make sure ventilation duct horizontal and straight. Every end coils must be fixed tightly.
  • The repaired ventilation ducts should be kept properly and air-cured once a quarter.
  • Making elbows and transition joints will depend on shapes and diameters of ventilation duct and transition joints should not be over 2m.
  • It must follow electric welding relevant regulations when welding duct coil and the steel wire must be welded firmly.
  • We must wear mask during drying, washing and cleaning and it can be bonged after drying.
  • After repairing these old ventilation ducts, they needs to store in specified place and make marks according to specification of ventilation duct to easy to reuse.
  • Being careful of iron wire hurting your hands when installing ventilation duct
  • Gasoline and glue must be kept separately and keeping away from fire and smoking.
  • It is prohibited to use fire to keep warm in repair room.
  • It must be equipped with fire fighting equipment in repair room and keeping the room clean.


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