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June 17, 2015
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July 2, 2015

Mining and Tunnel Ventilation Ducting manufacturer from China

Sulong Eco-Technologies is a China major manufacturer of all types of mining and Tunnel Ventilation Ducting with over 10 years of service to customers worldwide. Additionally we offer a full line of PVC coated polyester fabric for ventilation duct, truck cover, tent, tarpaulin, storage tank, etc.


Our PVC industrial ventilation ducting has Positive Ventilation Duct Hose   Negative Ventilation Duct Hose , Lay Flat Ventilation Duct, Spiral Ventilation DuctMining and Tunnel Flexible Ventilation Ducting.


These ducting is designed especially for the hostile Mining and Tunneling environment using advanced radio frequency welding equipment, Diameters from 300mm to 2200mm and lengths up to 100 meters. Using multiply materials that enable us to maintain our leader as an innovator in the industry. Our customers considered our SNAP-ROC system the best in the industry.


Connection Ways of Ventilation Ducting


In coal mining, tunnel and other underground project. Connection way of ventilation ducting has great effect on ventilation efficiency, especially in long distance ventilation. There must be low wind age, low air leakage and easy to install etc. It should ensure local ventilation safety and reliability. Now there are four connection ways in the domestic and overseas. Connecting with End Ring and Industrial Zipper.


  1. Connecting with end ring is that coiling the ventilation duct on end ring, and putting one end ring into another and then drawing two ventilation ducts to make them being tight. This connection ways save installing time and effort with no need for wire. Easy to install and take down.
  1. Connecting with zipper coupling is that using zipper to connect each ventilation hose. It is easy to install and connecting is tight.


End Ring Ducting

End Ring Ducting

Zipper Ducting

Zipper Ducting


Connector of ventilation hose is main cause which increase wind-resistance and have air leakage. Making ventilation hose increase to 30m,50m or 100m and reduce connectors. They are efficient way to reduce wind-resistance. Moreover, we should ensure the quality of connectors, the installation quality and maintain regularly. Only do these can we make our ventilation system better.


Sulong Eco-Technologies can provide both the design and construction of virtually anything that can be made from PVC coated polyester fabric. This fabric is air and waterproof, chemical and fire resistance, and UV protected from sunlight degradation.


Our rich experience in PVC coated fabric enable us to find innovative new products for the industry.