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Flexible Air Duct Tubing Introduction
July 31, 2015
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August 12, 2015

The Choice of Mining Ventilation Ducting

mining ventilation ducting

mining ventilation ducting

Mining construction ventilation equipment mainly contains ventilator and ventilation ducting. Ventilator is the power producer and ventilation ducting is the ventilation system bypass pipe.


Mining Ventilator


Gas compression and gas transportation machinery are called ventilator. It contains compressor, blower and fan which are different for exiting air pressure. The pressure of fans is less than 15KPa, the pressure of blowers is from 15KPa to 340KPa and the pressure of compressors is greater than 340KPa.


The fan is one of ventilators and is short for ventilator. According to flow direction of air, it can be divided into centrifugal ventilator, axial-flow ventilator, diagonalflow ventilator and cross-flow ventilator.


When the centrifugal ventilator is working, the power machine drive impeller rotation in cochlear line machine casing and the air through suction is inhaled from impeller eye area. Because the blade dynamic action to the air, the air pressure and speed will be increased and the air will follow the flow channel into the casing under the effect of centrifugal force and then it is exhausted from the exhaust port. Because the air in impeller is mainly flowing in radial plane, it is also called radial-flow ventilator.


According to the air pressure, it can be divided into high pressure centrifugal ventilator (≤ 1Kpa), medium pressure centrifugal ventilator (1-3KPa), and low pressure centrifugal ventilator (3-15KPa).


When the axial-flow ventilator is working, the power machine drive impeller rotation in cylindrical casing and the air get into through the collector-shoe gear and get the power through the impeller to increase pressure and speed and then flow out along axial direction.


Ventilation Ducting


Usually lay flat ventilation ducting, rigid vent duct hose and flexible ducting hose are applied to ventilation system of tunnel and mining construction.


Lay flat ventilation ducting is usually made up by PVC coated fabric, which the base fabric is textile fabric like vinylon and others. Now, there is a kind of non-environmentally air duct which is made up by EPVC in the market,it is pungent and choking our eyes in tunnel an mining construction, because of the air is pushed in ducting with its material pungent smell. Such products as construction Bureau on the rising demand is gradually eliminated by market.


The other kind of coated fabric is made up by foreign rolling equipment which is satisfied for high environmental requirement. SL|Tech.TM environmental mining ventilation ducting was used in the water diversion project of JinPing hydro-power station located in Yalong River, Sichuan. This large heavy diameter lay flat ventilation ducting is easy to dismount and carry with light weight and has low air leakage and its friction factor has reached Swiss S level (0.015 friction factor).


Rigid vent duct hose is steel air duct hose which is connected by flange plate. Also there are FRP air duct hose, polyethylene-aluminum air duct hose and glass fiber air duct hose applied abroad. They usually is sheet material processed in construction site and can be applied to positive and negative pressure ventilation.


Flexible ducting hose is usually designed by lay flat ducting with steel wire. It is mainly used for positive flow and negative flow ventilation and usually applied to short distance ventilation because of heavy wind resistance. It is usually applied to tunnel and mining with some gas because of with anti-flaming and anti-static function.


Now SL|Tech.TM lay flat ventilation ducting with zipper is mostly used for ventilation of tunnel and mining construction in China. If you need to buy ventilation ducting for tunnel and mining ventilation system, please choose SL|Tech.TM mining ventilation ducting for its superior quality and moderate price.