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May 6, 2015
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June 1, 2015

Intelligent one time forming production line for air-ducting coated fabric

coated fabric produce line

coated fabric produce line

In June 2014, by working with Sichuan University of their high polymer material research, we successfully developed a new PVC Ultra thin membrane curtain coating equipment “Intelligent Air-ducting coated fabrics formation” and get the first set equipment authenticate of Jiangsu Province. This production line is kind of tape-casting. Compared with calendaring, it has advantage of:


  • Environmental protection, energy-saving, low-cost etc.

  • One time forming to reduce the producing cost

  • 1/3 or 1/4 invest equipment of traditional coated equipment

  • Easy to produce new material product and competitive marketing strategy etc.

  • The coated fabric produced has good smoothness and the surface is homogeneous.


It is lower power and cost, easy operation etc. Besides, it promote producing speed and shorten the delivery time. This kind of Coated Fabric are widely used for building structure, Covered Wagon, Ventilation Hose, Digital Air-brushing coated fabric, Storage Tank for methane and water etc.