PVC Banner

PVC Banner

PVC Banner / Mesh

S L-Ad serial fabric is special used for printing and advertising. For this product, it has advantage of good smoothness, high bonding strength, stable ink absorption, perfect printing ability, self-cleaning, anti-flame, anti-aging, weather resistant (UV, rain, snow and frost).

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Model Base Fabric Weight Surface Finish
Yarn Count Thread(inch) (g/m2)
SL-AdⅠ 200D*300D 18*12 375 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅡ 300D*500D 18*12 440 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅢ 500D*500D 9*9 440 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅣ 840D*840D 9*9 440 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅤ 300D*500D 18*12 510 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅥ 500D*500D 9*9 510 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅦ 840D*840D 9*9 510 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅧ 1000D*1000D 9*9 510 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅨ 500D*1000D 18*12 580 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅩ 500D*500D 18*12 610 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅪ 500D*1000D 18*12 650 Glossy & Matt
SL-AdⅫ 500D*1000D 18*12 680 Glossy & Matt
Anti-flaming Flaming time≤10s, Flameless time≤30s
Anti-static electricity Surface resistance≤3*108Ω
Heatproof No crack and tacky etc
Cold-resistant No breakage and leakage etc
  • Excellently compatible with various Solvent based digital printers
  • Perfect printing impression with stable ink absorption and faster drying ability
  • This base fabric has high strength and tough tear resistance. And the mesh could minimize wind force as it could allow wind pass through
  • Its surface has a merit of premium weather resisting property after anti-UV, anti-smudge treatment
  • Special hole size suitable for windy area application, and especially good for super wide Billboard outside
  • Easy transportation, handling and installation
  • Super wide Billboard
  • Construction site advertising
  • Indoor advertising and decoration
  • Exhibition graphics

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