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June 11, 2015
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June 16, 2015

PVC Coated Fabric Ducting

PVC Coated Fabric Ducting

PVC Coated Fabric Ducting

In principle a PVC coated fabric ducting is a round, semi-round or quarter round duct made of a light-weight fabric material instead of galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum, designed for delivery and distribution of cooled or heated air.


Why choose a PVC Coated Fabric Ducting System?


1. Flexibility and tailored fabric ducting solutions

Flexibility and tailored designs characterize SL PVC coated fabric ducting solutions. Here you may freely choose the size that fits the architecture of the building the best. Also you may choose from an almost unlimited range of system layouts, colors, materials, and whether the fabric ducting system must be passive, hybrid, or active.


2. Unique fabric ducting materials and colors

As the great manufacturer in the world we offer customized ducting fabric from our own factory. Our PVC coated fabric ducting materials are designed for air distribution. SL PVC coated fabric ducting has the advantage of uniform air distribution, low shrinkage rate, stable color-fastness, and best possible Dust Holding Capacity.


3. Efficient air distribution and perfect indoor climate

PVC coated Fabric Ducting is very well-suited for efficient, uniform, and draft-free distribution of fresh air without “dead zones”. Stale and stagnant air may cause fatigue and headache. SL fabric ducting creates an effective air change and a good indoor climate in schools, offices, shops, showrooms, and other types of rooms where many people are assembled.


4. Fire approved ducting fabric materials

Naturally, all SL Ducting Fabric Materials have been fire-tested and approved according to international fire standards and got CE Certificate.


5. Easy to transport and install

Our fabric ducting materials weigh 360±4.0 to 630±4.0 per square meter which is much lighter than aluminum ducts. SL suspension hook are delivered in exact lengths rendering installation easier and quicker than similar systems.


A good working relationship is based on trust and for your next ventilation job we hope to get the opportunity to prove that is not just empty words!