Ventilation Ducting Applied in DELSI-TANISAGUA
August 12, 2015
Vent Ducting Performance
Vent Ducting Performance
August 26, 2015

Management and Operation of Tunnel Ventilation Tubing

tunnel ventilation tubing

tunnel ventilation tubing

Management of tunnel ventilation line contains ventilation tubing installation & dis-assembly, maintenance & replacement, repair etc.


Ventilation Tubing Installation and Dis-assembly


With tunnel project moving forward, tunnel ventilation lines extends by continuing installation of ventilation tubing to make lines air outlet following tunnel project. Besides, previous ventilation tubing is removed because of tunnel project moving and this job is finished by professional operator.

Rules about installation and dis-assembly are showed as below:

  • Distance from ventilation tubing installation and line air outlet to working place should abide by detailed implement rules of the project;
  • When ventilation tubing is connected, connection point with liner should follow air-flow direction;
  • Hang ventilation tubing firmly, tight connection point and zip up and then fix sealing anti-side;
  • Make sure that tunnel ventilation lines flat, smooth and natural turning;
  • Avoid installing ventilation tubing at time of air-supply to work place;
  • When extend tunnel ventilation lines, new ventilation tubing is installed in the middle of the lines and terminal parts are moved forward;
  • Length of new installation ventilation tubing should be 10m at easy damaged place;
  • Disassemble ventilation tubing in time after project finished. Check them careful, repair the broken part and storage it for next usage.


Maintenance and replacement of tunnel ventilation tubing


To ensure efficient air supply to working place, it is very important to strengthen ventilation tubing maintenance and reduce air-leakage. Therefore, we should inspect ventilation tubing frequently whether there is damage of ducting, connection point, zipper, hanging etc. and maintain or replace timely which is operated by professional operator.

Rules about maintenance and replacement are showed as below:

  • Replace the ventilation tubing with broken point, large air leakage, and damaged zipper timely;
  • Ventilation tubing length can be changed to 20m or 30m per piece in the safety tunnel lines;
  • 10m length ventilation tubing is suggested in the easy damaged tunnel lines;
  • Solve the uncovered anchorage in time to avoid ventilation tubing damage;
  • Raise up the ventilation tubing to avoid vehicles impacting;
  • Take measures to protect tunnel ventilation lines when check tunnel project bottom;
  • Amend ventilation tubing with slight damage in the tunnel project;
  • Notify tunnel ventilation fan operator before blasting operation.


Repairing the Ventilation Tubing


During tunnel project construction by drilling-blasting, procedure such as excavation, bottom checking, peeling, trolley moving and vehicle running will damage ventilation tubing. To reduce cost, it is necessary to amend the broken ventilation tubing the broken ventilation tubing. Repairman will finish it.

Rules are showed as below:

  1. The damaged body of ventilation tubing should be repaired by welding gun;
  2. Use hot-sealing machine to replace the zippers;
  3. Clean the irreparable ventilation tubing and storage them for next usage.