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Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh
June 10, 2015
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PVC Coated Fabric Ducting
June 15, 2015

How can we improve ventilation in tunnel?

Tunnel Ventilation

Tunnel Ventilation

The situation of ventilation directly influence on the safety, quality and process of tunnel construction. Moreover, it is more important to the health of workers in tunnel.


Tunnel ventilation safety standard is that the amount of oxygen in the air is no less than 20%, dust concentration must be very low, CO allowable concentration: 30 mg/m³,NOx allowable concentration: 5 mg/m, the amount of CO2 in the air is less than 0.5%.


In order to ensure ventilation, it need to install ventilation blower and ventilation duct. Blower bracket should be strong and rigid enough for avoiding vibration on operation. There must be several binding on joint of blower and duct for reducing the air leakage. Ventilation duct must have qualified certificate before leaving factory, it needs to have appearance inspection to ensure no damage.


The seam of ventilation duct should be strong and smooth. Ventilation duct should be anti-static and anti-flaming with high strength and light weight. Installing ventilation duct should be straight and have no distortion. When cracks and holes in duct come into being, it need to be repair or change immediately. The Air leakage rate should be less than 5%.Checking ventilation duct regularly. Due to water seepage and temperature change, there will be standing water on ventilation duct, so ventilation duct need to drain water regularly for protect duct.


Finally, It is the most important that every ventilation works must be carried out strictly. That will ensure the ventilation safety of tunnel.


SL|Tech.TM ventilation ducts contain SLFT-PVC-PV serial Positive Ventilation Hose, SLFT-PVC –NV serial Negative Ventilation Hose and SLFT-PVC –RV serial Rigid Ventilation Ducting. Our ventilation ducts have been widely used in underground project of coal mines, tunnels, subway and so on. SL|Tech.TM ventilation ducts have light weight and high strength with high anti-flaming and high anti-static electricity. Our high quality ventilation ducts have low air leakage, low air resistance and are easy to install and repair. The materials of duct are also safe and eco-friendly. With concept of High quality by valuing every material, we believe our ventilation duct is your best choice.