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August 5, 2015
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August 19, 2015

Ventilation Ducting Applied in DELSI-TANISAGUA



The DELSI-TANISAGUA, which is a diversion-type hydro-power station, is located in Zamora Chinchipe province, Ecuador, South America. It is the Sinohydro Group another big project in Ecuador.


The main development task of this hydro-power station is power generation. And the installed capacity of the station is 180 MW (3×60 MW) with three impulse turbine generating sets. The annual utilization hours are 6888 hours and the average annual electricity production is 1.2398 billion Kw/h. The total reservoir storage is 596 thousand m³ and the available storage is 270 thousand m³. The maximum operation water level is 1491.00 m.


Jiangsu Sulong Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd was established in September 2007 with registered capital of 50.08 million CNY and 15000 ㎡ standard factory building. It is a professional manufacturer of PVC coated fabric and ventilation ducting. We mainly provided reinforced ventilation ducting applied in ventilation system during in DELSI-TANISAGUA project. The total length of ventilation ducting supplied by SL|Tech.TM is more than 20000m. Each end of ventilation ducting are connected by industrial zipper in order to make sure ventilation well and reduce the air leakage rate. The SL|Tech.TM reinforced ventilation ducting is anti-flaming and anti-static and made up by high strength PVC coated fabric materials. The inner wall of ventilation ducting is very smooth so it will reduce wind resistance in ventilation system. SL|Tech.TM reinforced ventilation ducting is not easy to be torn because of using high strength PVC coated fabric. SL|Tech.TM environmental ventilation ducting is a non-toxic and odorless ventilation ducting with light weight which can be transported and installed easily.


With concept of High quality by valuing every material, SL|Tech.TM will provide every client the most environmental and superior products. Now it has been qualified suppliers to SINOHYDRO Group, CRCC, CWE, China National Coal Group Corp., CRBC and CGGC etc. For overseas, SL|Tech.TM products are well-received over 20 countries and regions.