Sulong Project Cases

ducting system supplying globally

Coca Codo Sinclain Hydro Project

It is the largest energy project in Ecuador's history. Located in the Amazon Basin, the 1,500MW project will be a run-of-river development on the Coca River. We provided with the φ 1.5M Layflat Ducting, φ 1.8M Flexible Ducting and other Pvc Hvac Duct etc.

Delsitanisagua Hydro Project

The project calls for the construction of a 115MW hydro plant which will divert water from the Delsi, Tanisagua and Zamora rivers to generate electricity. We provided with φ 1M PVC Ducting, φ 1.5M Flexible Ducting etc.

Karuma Power Station Project

It is a 600 megawatts (800,000 hp) hydroelectric power project under construction in Uganda. When completed, it will be the largest power-generating installation in the country. We provided with φ 1.2M PVC Duct, φ 1.8M Flexible Ducting etc.

Lom Pangar Hydro Project

The development objective of the Project for Cameroon is to increase hydropower generation capacity and reduce seasonal variability of water flow in the Sanaga River and to increase access to electricity. We provided with φ 1.2M PVC Duckwork, φ 1.6M Flexible Ducting.

Why choose Sulong?

The story of the brand

Jiangsu Sulong Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd (short as Sulong), was established in September 2007, with registered capital of 50.08 million CNY and 15000 ㎡ standard factory building.
We are a professional manufacturer of PVC products being divided to three series: SL serial Coated Fabrics & Membrane Material, SLFT-PVC serial Ventilation Duct Hose and SLF serial Waterproof Coiled Material. SL serial Coated Fabrics & Membrane Material contain SL -FP serial PVC Coated Fabric for Ventilation Duct Hose, SL-Ad serial PVC Banner/Mesh, SL-L serial Tarpaulin for Logistics SL-PVC-M serial PVC Storage Tank etc.; SLFT-PVC serial Ventilation Duct Hose contains SLFT-PVC-PV serial Positive Ventilation Ducts Hose(Lay Flat type, Spiral type, Flexible type and Special-Shaped type), SLFT-PVC –NV serial Negative Ventilation Duct Hose and SLFT-PVC-RV serial Rigid Ventilation Ducting; SLF serial Waterproofing Membrane contains PVC, EVA, PE materials.


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