• Lay flat duct
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  • Lay flat duct
  • lay flat duct 8
  • lay flat duct 5
  • lay flat duct 2
  • lay flat duct 4
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Lay Flat Ventilation Duct

  • • Nylon fabric with both sides PVC coated, Low friction loss, easy-installed, MSHA approved.
  • • High-strength welded construction provides exceptional airflow performance.
  • • Flame retardant standards NFPA701:2015 and DIN 4102 B2 approved.
  • • High tensile strength and tear strength approved by DIN53354 and DIN53363 test methods.
  • • Diameter: 200 mm-3,200 mm (Custom diameter available).
  • • Standard Length:1 m-300 m (Custom length available).
  • • End connection: zipper / Velcro/ steel ring / eyelets.
  • • Antistatic fabric optional.

Standard Technical Specifications

Threads & Yarn1000D×1000D1000D×1000D1300D×2000D2000D×2000D2000D×2000D
Total Weight (gsm)500±20550±20550±20600±20700±20
ColorYellow / Black / Green / Orange
Tensile Strength
Warp (N/5cm)12001600172026002900
Weft (N/5cm)16001800210027503100
Tearing Strength
Warp (N)320450520600650
Weft (N)360480580700750
Working Temperature-30℃ ~ +80℃
Flame RetardantNFPA701:2015, DIN 4102 B2
Inside Diameter200mm – 3200mm
Section Length1m – 300m
End ConnectionZipper / Steel Ring / Velcro / Eyelets
Anti Static10 ^Ω (if required)
* We hereby state that the above data is only for reference, allowing 5% tolerance.

Guangzhou Metro Project
PVC Ventilation Duct for TMCLK HongKong
Coal Mine Project of ventilaiton duct
Nepal Hydropower Project
Chengdu Metro Project of flat duct 01


  • • Mining projects
  • • Metro projects
  • • Highway projects
  • • Railway projects
  • • Hydropower station projects
  • • Water diversion projects
  • • Underground oil storage projects
  • • Other underground projects requiring ventilation.

Other Parts of An Underground Ventilation Ducting System

Adapter Duct 01

Adapter Duct

Duct adapter changes the ducting system from a bigger size to a smaller one and vice versa. It minimizes airflow leakages and material costs as the connection between the extractor fan and the duct.

Bend Duct 1

Bend Duct

Available in angles such as 30, 45, 65 and 90 degrees, duct bends flexibly adjust the sharp turns of airflow direction.

Tee WYE Duct 1

Tee and WYE Duct

Degree refers to the angle between the straight duct flow and the branch. Branches of 30, 45, 60, and 90-degree angles, so do the Tee and WYE ducts.

Customize YOUR Ventilation Duct

Every parts of the ventilation ducting system matter. Sulong ventilation duct with multiple custom options fulfills your requirements in budget and quality.

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Duct Size

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Fabric Performance

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End Connection

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Suspension Seam

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